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AlphaPlugins FirTree for After Effects 1.02

AlphaPlugins FirTree for After Effects 1.02: New free FirTree plug-in for After Effects. Creates animated fir tree branches. Plugins FirTree is additional module for Adobe After Effects. This plug-in allows create animated fir tree branches. You can use these elements for decorating of your Merry Christmas and Happy New Year videos. AlphaPlugins FirTree lets create as very realistic natural fir tree branches so fairytale fantastic seem trees and plants. If you need to create something that looked like a fir tree then you can create it by means of our plug-in. AlphaPlugins

UnPlugged-X 2.1.68: A collection of over 100 different filter effects wrapped into a single plug-in.
UnPlugged-X 2.1.68

in a single plug-in. Combining all those effects into a single plug-in allows you to use them in ways not possible separately. With UnPlugged-X, the whole is larger than the sum of the parts. Save time - Pick any number of effects and apply them all at once. - Just need a single effect? Select it and you`re done! No need to configure anything you don`t need. Convenience - Access to a wide variety of practical and artistic effects from a single window

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AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II 2.0: AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II the plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and compatibles
AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II 2.0

Plugins Digitalizer II - the new version of our famous Photoshop plug-in. Indeed the AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II is the fully new and power effects machine that lets you add in your composition textual effects with professional quality AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II allows to represent a picture as a set of symbols or digits or even as a meaningful text and this text appearance, places, sizes, colors and other attributes depending on the initial picture

special effects, digitalizer, plug ins, photoshop plug ins, filters

Apollo 37zz: MP3-player. It is recognized by its outstanding MP3 decoding quality.
Apollo 37zz

ining PCM or Microsoft ADPCM coded data. Both plug-ins support Internet streaming. Apollo also provides support for other type of plug-ins, namely visualization, digital signal processing (DSP) and general purpose plug-ins. Their formats are identical with the corresponding Winamp 2.xx plug-ins. Thus all existing Winamp plug-ins of these three categories should work with Apollo. Also, Winamp input plug-ins that really provide the sound data instead

advanced playlist, decoding quality, playback, mp3 player

FASOFT ParEQ 1.3: FASoft ParEQ is a 20 bands DirectX plug-in equalizer

ing the lower ones in the other. The plug-in settings can be easily adjusted with the mouse using an interactive frequency response window, which also displays the signal frequency spectrum in realtime. The plug-in also includes an automatic instrument tuner. The plug-in supports both 16 bit and 24 bit processing, and uses internal 64 bit precision for optimum sound quality and performance. Being a DirectX plug-in it can be used from inside many

spectrum, plugin, directx, effect, gate, equalizer, audio, editing, analyzer, wave, noise

Displacement Map 1.0: Amusing image distortion plugin keeping a continuity of image details unchanged
Displacement Map 1.0

inuity of fine details unchanged. This is the main feature that makes this plug-in different from competitive ones. The plug-in is supplied with a set of displacement maps. It is very useful for artistic image processing. The Displacement Map has a stylish, user-friendly, intuitive, multi-lingual interface. A user can choose the language during the plug-in installation but can easily change it while working with the plug-in. It has simple install

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Plug-and-Play Monitor 1.0 (Build 6.2): Reports plug-and-play notifications from the system.
Plug-and-Play Monitor 1.0 (Build 6.2)

Plug-and-Play Monitor is an experimental tool which displays plug-and-play notifications from the system. To start monitoring, select a device type from the drop-down list or tick Monitor all device types and click Start. If a network adapter is plugged or unplugged while the program monitors Network Adapters, the program should display the name of the adapter. Note: the Monitor all device types option is only available on Windows XP systems. When

network adapter, monitor, plug and play

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